(c) 2014 Data Centre Realty Inc. All Rights Reserved. The logos and marks displayed on this site are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Data Centre Realty (DCR) a Canadian based data center real estate development firm which provides data center design / build construction services. Data Centre Realty’s management team has developed a proven process of designing and building data center environments. The team is focused on utilizing industry best practices along with traditional business acumen to build data centre environments which deliver value creation both on a technology level as well as at the ROI level to ensure all stakeholders objectives are realized. DCR provides turn-key data centre solutions including; Planning, Design, Construction & Certification. DCR has been involved in numerous technology property builds since the 1990’s and has extensive expertise in providing facility solutions to maximize stakeholder value. DCR’s management team has been instrumental in assisting enterprises across multiple industry verticals both Canadian and abroad in developing and implementing data center strategies. CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER