Top 5 Data Center Cooling Tips

Data-center-coolingLooking to maximize data center uptime and performance while trying to minimize operational costs ?  Think of cooling.

Inefficiently cooled data center environments can put a strain on infrastructure which reduces operational efficiency and can lead to serious operational disruptions.

Following simple guidelines can greatly improve the efficiency of your data center environment and assist you reduce your operational costs greatly.

Top 5 Data Center Cooling Tips

  • Hot vs. Cold Air: The cardinal rule of data center cooling is to keep hot and cold airflows from mixing. Parallel rows of servers arranged front-to-front or back-to-back creates “cold aisles” and “hot aisles” that allow you to prevent air from mixing. Modern data center containment systems do a great job isolating hot and cold airflows.
  • Airflow Bypass: Whether within, above, below or between server racks, air bypass reduces the effectiveness of your containment and cooling systems. Use blanking panels within racks, air barriers above, below and between racks and fire-safe air dam foam to seal air bypass gaps that allow hot air to sneak into the cold aisle.
  • Floor Tile Placement: Use the right number of perforated floor tiles, in the right places, to achieve adequate cold airflow where it’s needed. Revisit floor tile placement as IT configuration changes over time. Don’t install floor grates too close to CRACs.
  • Cool Duct Locations: Match overhead cooling ducts to rack configuration. Make sure ducts are cleaned often and vents are not blocked.
  • Turn Out The Lights: When the server room is not occupied, turn the lights off. Motion-activated light switches are a simple way to manage this, reducing heat load by 1-3% and lowering room temperature up to 2 degrees.

When designing a new data center cooling system, be sure to anticipate system changes in response to inevitable data center infrastructure updates and upgrades. Once you install a proper data center cooling system, be sure to keep it properly maintained. A good rule of thumb is to have your equipment checked and serviced twice per year to ensure optimal operation and performance.

Data Center Cooling Tips