Data Center Room Design by DCR

data-center-room-designData Center Realty (DCR) is committed to providing Data Center Room Design services which are cost effective, energy efficient, and organized around your business.

We provide a complete end-to-end design & build service for data centers, server & computer room environments.  We have experience in delivering “fast track” installations with new build, design, or refurbishment projects in both the private and public sectors.

DCR provides all of the necessary services required in Data Center Room Design.  Projects typically include full technical design specifications, project management, supervision and fully managed maintenance packages.  DCR’s turnkey solutions cover all aspects of the construction process from planning applications to witness testing and successful handover on contract completion.  With DCR you can sit stress free and let the professionals handle your Data Center Room Design center room design


Over time, the way a business or organization delivers its high-end services to either clients or customers has undergone radical change.  In order to get a proper handle on the scale of the power, cooling, and data infrastructure, DCR takes a top-down approach. The server, network hardware, and software applications supported within our IT environments are the basis for DCR’s major design choices.  Understanding the manufactuer, configuration and operational nature of server and network systems will provide the overall cabinet density model.  Ensuring that we start with the fundamental information, DCR is able to configure a comprehensive design package that is tailored to the specific Data Center Room Design needs of your business.

Full Design & Build Service:

  • Planning Applications
  • Conceptual & Full Design
  • Detailed & Budget Costings
  • Full Design Specifications
  • Project Management

Energy Efficiency

Our objective is to deliver the most resilient and efficient facilities on time and within budget.

Data Centers have a massive energy cost that both hurts the environment and your business’ bottom-line.  DCR is committed to providing service that takes energy savings into consideration.  Not only do we ensure that your facility is as cost effective and commercially competitive as possible, we like to ensure that our designs don’t damage the earth from an operations or maintenance perspective.  It’s vital that our facilities have a low PUE and that TOC’s are kept to a minimum throughout the life of the data center, server & computer room environment.  Providing effective solutions that take the long-term benefits of your business and its ecological footprint into consideration is what Data Center Room Design at DCR is all about.