Data Center Risk Assessment by DCR

Is your organization seeking a Data Center Risk Assessment ?

Data Centre Realty may be able to help.


Date Centre Realty (DCR) aims to provide a comprehensive and reliable data centre design service, and this begins with a Data Center Risk Assessment that occurs before the planning stage of every project.

DCR’s pre-planning process includes a facility risk assessment to evaluate the existing or proposed data center environment ahead of center risk assessment

Through a data centre risk assessment, DCR aims to identify and resolve vulnerabilities.  DCR’s planning process and data centre risk assessment services will assess network infrastructure for redundancy and fault-tolerance levels.  Support infrastructure for mission critical environments will also be evaluated to allow DCR to provide solutions that ensure that each data centre will run optimally in the long-term. Through the combination of expertise in both business and technology, Data Centre Realty can build a data center environment that serves customers’ needs and ensures satisfaction from the beginning of the project through to completion and for years to come.

Data Centre Availability and Risk Assessment

Early on in a project, Data Centre Realty will thoroughly inspect the data center site to ensure that all support infrastructure meets the specifications that will allow the data centre to perform optimally. The data center risk assessment process begins with a comprehensive inspection of the site to make note of the infrastructure that is already in place as well as what must be retrofitted to meet specifications. Then, an analysis of the present load condition is performed, as well as a comparison of the capacity constraints. The final component of the risk assessment process involves the identification of vital deficiencies that would either not allow for or significantly alter the projected completion of the task, as well as an evaluation of possible downtime risk that will ensure that customers’ data centres are in working condition when they need to be.

Data Centre Realty also provides Data centre risk assessment services available for a wide array of other technology spaces such as;

  • Data Centers (Internal and Public)
  • Intermediate Data Fram
  • Telecommunications Equipment Rooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Server Rooms
  • Network Closets
  • And others…

Facility Analysis and Evaluation

Beyond the data centre risk assessment and inspection, Data Centre Realty will also perform a detailed facility inspection to ensure that the space and support infrastructure is conducive to the effective operation of a data centre. The objectives of this inspection include an assessment of the facility and its concurrent maintenance capacity, an analysis of the load capacity constraints, identification of fundamental deficiencies and a determination of future downtime risks. The facility evaluation will potentially lead to suggestions for improvements of the facility that would allow it to better accommodate a data centre suitable to customers’ needs. DCR will also provide customers with a comparison to the identified business objectives for the specified use of the space. At the end of this process, DCR will be able to provide a cost estimate that will be calculated based on the amount and nature of retrofitting that is required, as outlined the in the risk assessment and facility evaluation.

If your organization is seeking a Data Center Risk Assessment, please CONTACT of Data Centre Realty’s Sales Engineers to potentially provide you assistance with your project.